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Testimonial Gallery

See what some of our satisfied customers have done with the stabilized wood they've purchased!

Bob Meiser
R.B.Meiser Spey Rod. Gorgeous presentation and I'll bet it will fish like a dream! 

Doug Webb
Check out Doug's work! Great contrast and attention to detail. Doug is a seasoned builder in Dillon, Montana. E-mail him with questions at:

Eric Viburs
Eric Viburs is a top shelf custom rod builder in Ohio. Check out his work! Handle  is Spalted Big Leaf Maple Burl.

Infinity Rod Creations
From Infinity Rod Creations, DJ is a 1st class builder in NE Ohio. Gorgeous work as always! Reel seat insert and butt cap are Black Box Elder Burl. Carbon fiber grip.  Additional photos of other rods show his flexibility and tremendous attention to detail.

Mark Blabaum
Mark Blabaum Mineral Point, Wisconsin

Southwest Custom Rods
Turned and finished reel seat inserts from Ron at Southwest Custom Rods. Ron has been turning and building rods for more than 40 years. Contact Ron at

Wingert's Woodworks Custom Game Calls
Aaron is a custom call maker in the great state of Kansas. Check out his work!  Amazing finish and attention to detail.