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Quilted Poplar - Green

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   Quilted Poplar dyed and stabilized in Forrest Green.  Great figure and turns like a dream. A classic in the making! Price is based on size and figure.

11G-325 SKU: 11G-325  (1.55x1.55x8.50)  View Full Size

11G-320 SKU: 11G-320  (1.50x1.50x8.25)  SOLD View Full Size

11G-323 SKU: 11G-323  (1.60x1.60x8.50)  SOLD View Full Size

11G-324 SKU: 11G-324  (1.60x1.60x8.50)  SOLD View Full Size

11G-326 SKU: 11G-326  (1.60x1.60x8.0)  SOLD View Full Size

11G-327 SKU: 11G-327  (1.55x1.55x8.0)  SOLD View Full Size