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Pot Call Blanks

2 Available

These pot call blanks are kiln dried to 8% moisture. Walnut Crotch Wood blanks measures 1"x 4.25"x 4.25"unless otherwise marked. These blanks have been cut from the crotch of the tree giving them this amazing figure and color. This wood is NOT stabilized. 

8-511 SKU: 8-511  (4.25x4.25x1.0)  View Full Size

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8-507 SKU: 8-507  (4.25x4.25x1.0)  SOLD View Full Size

8-508 SKU: 8-508  (4.25x4.25x1.0)  SOLD View Full Size

8-510 SKU: 8-510  (4.25x4.25x1.0)  SOLD View Full Size

8-512 SKU: 8-512  (4.25x4.25x1.0)  SOLD View Full Size