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Hybrid Live Edge Blanks

** CLOSEOUT! **  Making room for new inventory. These are Hybrid live edge burl reel seat blanks. The live edge burl has been stabilzed, molded and cast in a multi color pearl resin. Various species of burl wood have been used which gives each piece a one of a kind look. These have multiple applications including game calls, rod building and E-Cigarette blanks to name a few. This material machines and sands beautifully like an acrylic. All of these blanks measure: 1 1/8" x 1 1/8" x 4 1/8".

Regular: $27.75

Sale: $19.75


HLE-109 SKU: HLE-109  (Red Pearl)  View Full Size

HLE-116 SKU: HLE-116  (Cranberry Pearl)  View Full Size

HLE-123 SKU: HLE-123  (Purple Pearl)  SOLD View Full Size

HLE-110 SKU: HLE-110  (Red Pearl)  SOLD View Full Size

HLE-115 SKU: HLE-115  (Cranberry Pearl)  SOLD View Full Size

HLE-124 SKU: HLE-124  (Pink Pearl)  SOLD View Full Size

HLE-125 SKU: HLE-125  (Pink Pearl)  SOLD View Full Size