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Limited Edition

7 Available

These are very limited high end species that we have very few of and are hard to find. Kiln dried and stabilized in clear. Size is listed with each piece and are priced as marked. Price is based on size, rarity and figure. Grab them while you can!  

3-308 SKU: 3-308  (Russian Olive Burl 1.60x1.60x6.0)  View Full Size

3-300 SKU: 3-300  (Alligator Juniper Burl 1.55x1.55x8.25)  View Full Size

3-305 SKU: 3-305  (Spalted Hard Maple 1.65x1.65x7.75)  View Full Size

3-306 SKU: 3-306  (Juniper Burl 1.55x1.55x5.50)  View Full Size

3-309 SKU: 3-309  (Oak Burl 1.60x1.60x5.50)  View Full Size

3-307 SKU: 3-307  (Russian Olive Burl 1.65x1.65x6.0)  View Full Size

3-310 SKU: 3-310  (Crotch Olive Ash 1.65x1.65x6.75)  View Full Size

3-303 SKU: 3-303  (Red Willow Burl 1.55x1.55x7.0)  SOLD View Full Size

3-304 SKU: 3-304  (Red Willow Burl 1.55x1.55x8.25)  SOLD View Full Size

3-302 SKU: 3-302  (Alligator Juniper Burl 1.55x1.55x8.25)  SOLD View Full Size

3-301 SKU: 3-301  (Alligator Juniper Burl 1.55x1.55x8.25)  SOLD View Full Size