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Flame Box Elder Burl

1 Available

   This is Flame Box Elder and Box Elder Burl stabilized in clear to show the natural color of the wood. Turns and finishes beautifully. Price is based on size and figure.

33-307 SKU: 33-307  (1.60x1.60x7.75)  View Full Size

33-308 SKU: 33-308  (1.55x1.55x7.75)  SOLD View Full Size

33-309 SKU: 33-309  (1.45x1.45x7.75)  SOLD View Full Size

33-306 SKU: 33-306  (1.55x1.55x7.75)  SOLD View Full Size

33-305 SKU: 33-305  (1.55x1.55x7.50)  SOLD View Full Size

33-310 SKU: 33-310  (1.60x1.60x7.50)  SOLD View Full Size